Solartech Energy Solutions has been around for many years and we are now your local Solahart dealer in the Rockhampton region. Being the Solahart dealer allows us to offer you equipment of the highest quality with the peace of mind knowing that it is backed by Solahart warranties.

Advantages of Using Solartech

  • Locally Based

    Solartech Energy Solutions is a Rockhampton based business installing solar power and solar hot water systems across Central Queensland.

  • Professional Advice

    The manager of Solartech is an electrical engineer with over 20 years of experience working with electrical systems and equipment. He oversees all solar power installations.

  • Solar Experience

    We are accredited by and members of the Clean Energy Council. Solartech has performed more than 1500 solar installations in CQ.

  • Value for Money

    We install premium quality systems at a cost comparable to many of the cheaper systems available.

  • High Quality Solar Panels

    Solartech uses panels manufactured for Solahart by Renewable Energy Corp (REC). REC are a European company, their panels are very high quality and they are one of the best performing solar panels available.

  • High Quality Inverters

    Solartech uses the SMA Sunny Boy inverters which are made in Germany. SMA are the largest inverter manufacturer in the world and considered the industry leader in inverter technology.

  • High Quality Solar Hot Water Systems

    Solahart are the pioneer of solar hot water systems. They are a 60 year old Australian company and have manufactured more solar hot water systems than any other company. They are renowned for their quality.